And so, chapter 3 begins. In case any one new around the site didn’t notice already, the characters page features many of the characters as older than they were in the previous 2 chapters. I may have forgot to mention that the characters grow, as the story takes place within the course of about a decade and a half. I hope that’s cool with some of you guys :D!

And also as a side note, those of you who followed DeadFingers over at Drunkduck may already know that the DD site may disappear completely within the next 24 hours, although we’re all praying that it does not. Drunkduck was really my starting point for comics period, and I really do believe that we as a community can possibly bring it back and keep it alive for many years to come.

In the event that the duck doesn’t return immediately, DeadFingers will now be hosted fully on this site alone. I will be uploading a lot of pages in the next few days, I have over 750 pages left to add here, so brace yourselves guys! 😀

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